Catering Service

For just a few dollars per person, you can have us deliver organic entrees for your next catered party. Even people who know nothing about cooking have heard of things like Mongolian beef and stir fry shrimp. We cook with no MSG and have the best food in the entire area. Everybody knows the effects of MGS, and we have none in our food. Just about everyone knows that steamed vegetables are very good for you.

American specialty food is very popular all over the country, and especially in our area. Dim sum dumplings are very popular and are usually ordered by most people who like these specialty items. We will be happy to help you plan your wedding at our beautiful wedding venue, complete with dance floor. Some people who do home parties like to have appetizers catered to make it appear they are successful and make more sales. You can have steamed dim sum or fried dim sum, depending on your mood.

If you need food warmers and tables and chairs for your next catered event, you can rent them from us. Whether you want a sit down plated dinner or a barbecue with slow cooked meats, we can do any of those for you. Anyone having a wedding can call us for catering for your wedding reception. We smoke our meats with different wood, such as cherry and oak and hickory. Making the most of your next party means letting us do the cooking for you.

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