Great Catering Company

If you prefer to serve salmon and walleye for your next dinner party, we can cater that for you. You may not think of Chinese food as a catered item, but we will cater your next party for you. Vegetables that are healthy are included in our menu items every day. If you prefer chicken over beef, you can order our California broccoli and chicken dinner. When you order dim sum from us, you can mix and match it for your convenience.

We have been roasting entire pigs for parties for years and we are the top pig roast caterers in town. There are a lot of restaurants in town, but we offer the best organic foods you love right at your catered event. If you need food warmers and tables and chairs for your next catered event, you can rent them from us. If you have never tried food without MSG, you need to call in an order. Planning a corporate event is something we are experts at, and we have the perfect location and menu for you to choose from.