Great Catering Company

There are many meals that include beef, but our beef is organic and delicious. You can have a baby shower catered or you can come to our venue and let us cook for you. If you have never tried food without MSG, you need to call in an order. Whether you want a sit down plated dinner or a barbecue with slow cooked meats, we can do any of those for you. If you prefer to go a little wild with your next corporate event, let us bring an entire pig for you to serve.

We combine ginger and green onions along with mushrooms, bok choy, celery and carrots into a wonderful mix of sauces. If you are looking for an upscale buffet, let us bring sauteed chicken with Marsala wine sauce, caprese salad and baked egg strudel with ham and cheese. If you have a specific budget you need to stick with for your next party, just let us know what that budget is. If you want to have a party with food, we can handle your catering for you. Whether you want breakfast, lunch or dinner, we have healthy food for you.