Olive Oil And Aged Balsamics

With more people conscious about their health, organic food is a great idea. Choosing your meats and your vegetables is a great place to start when planning a party. For just a few dollars per person, you can have us deliver organic entrees for your next catered party. Party trays can include Dynasty Mongolian beef, California broccoli and chicken that are all organic.

If you are a fan of smoked brisket, you will love coming to our barbecue restaurant with your friends and family. Our delicious meals are organic, healthy and different from many other restaurants in the country. Our catering staff can take care of a small buffet or a large banquet for up to 500 people. Planning a corporate event is something we are experts at, and we have the perfect location and menu for you to choose from. It may cost a little more to have a party catered, but it will be well worth it for the quality of food and service you will get. Eating great barbecue is a great way to bring the entire family together and have good fun and good food.