Organic Food Choices

We can bring food to you so you can tailgate in style with wings and beer and everything else you need. Anyone who loves chicken will find our California broccoli and chicken the best in town. If you want to eat a healthy diet, you can include vegetables that are steamed. Planning a party is easier when you have a great catering company that you can trust to bring you the tastiest food in town. You can order food and have it delivered to your door by our butler service. We are famous for our burnt ends chili and homemade soups that people order with our house smoked sausage.

Whether you want a sit down plated dinner or a barbecue with slow cooked meats, we can do any of those for you. You can have steamed dim sum or fried dim sum, depending on your mood. Making sure you order enough food and have a big enough selection for everyone attending your party is something we can help you figure out.

We can help you plan for a casual party in your home and cater your food for you.