Organic Food Choices

You will get the best possible food that is high quality when you order from us. Catering a party is easy when you call us for our dumplings and fried rice. Making sure you order enough food and have a big enough selection for everyone attending your party is something we can help you figure out. We have been roasting entire pigs for parties for years and we are the top pig roast caterers in town. Whether you want breakfast, lunch or dinner, we have healthy food for you. We marinate flank steak until it is tender and stir fry it with fresh onions and red bell peppers.

Planning a wedding is easier when you use a caterer who has the experience to help you with your venue and your menu. Fresh and healthy food that has no MSG is the kind of food we serve. If you enjoy shrimp, you will love our tiger walnut shrimp dinner.

Some people love our desserts so much that they have us cater their events and serve only desserts and no meals.