Organic Food Choices

We have a wonderful new list of menus that you can get in just a few minutes. Food delivery is usually called carryout and is delivered fresh to your event. Be sure to reserve the date for your next pig roast early because we cook that pig for almost an entire day before be bring it to you. You can order food and have it delivered to your door by our butler service. When you want to know what to order at a catered event, just ask your family what they like. You can order party trays with organic beef and free range chicken that has no MSG included.

Dining inside or outside with a bar and a dance floor is possible when you hire us. When Dim Sum was created years ago, there was no MSG and it was prepared with only the best quality ingredients. Anyone who likes celery and bok choy will love our mixed vegetables.

If you like king fried rice, you will love our food that has no MSG.