Plan A Cocktail Reception

If you need food warmers and tables and chairs for your next catered event, you can rent them from us. We can make your home look great when we cater your next party and bring the tables and chairs and everything else you need. Vegetables that are healthy are included in our menu items every day. Choosing the best place for your party is easier when you work with our party planners at the special events center. If you have trouble getting your kids to eat vegetables, bring them to our catered event for great food. If you want to have a party with food, we can handle your catering for you.

Having food delivered right to your door by our butler service will bring good food to your home without all the work on your end. We have been in the catering business for more than 50 years and can take care of any type of event you need catered. Planning a party is easier when you have a great catering company that you can trust to bring you the tastiest food in town. Dining inside or outside with a bar and a dance floor is possible when you hire us.