Plan A Cocktail Reception

Anyone who likes celery and bok choy will love our mixed vegetables. Making sure your family is healthy means eating organic foods that are prepared well. We use only the finest meats and can even bring an entire pig to your next family reunion for you. Putting together complimentary foods for a luncheon buffet is something we do with great style. When you want to take your family out for food, why not have a great meal that is catered for you. When you need a luncheon buffet for a corporate meeting, you can call us and we will cater your event for you.

If you are a fan of smoked brisket, you will love coming to our barbecue restaurant with your friends and family. Our delicious meals are organic, healthy and different from many other restaurants in the country. Some food service companies have a small menu, but our catering service can bring you just about anything from sit down dinners to buffets. Having a roast pig party is something we excel in and can cater for you.