Plan A Cocktail Reception

We can cater the food for a small dinner party or a large wedding reception at the venue of your choice. When you can find organic choices on our menus, you know we care about your health. Barbecue is a favorite for people who visit our smokehouse restaurant and you will love it to. If you will have children at your wedding, you may want to include some finger foods for them. Queen steamed rice and long life noodles are favorites of many people who have us do their catering. If you have never tried food without MSG, you need to call in an order.

If you would like help with your next event, contact our catering staff and we will show you options you may not know existed. We offer our catering service every day of the week. Our organic food choices are better for your family than other options. Sticking to your budget is something we can do when we cater your next party for you.